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We all may face hardships and challenges in life, when we face these, I want everyone to know there is always help. We can help ourselves through self-care, enlist in the help of a friend or family member, or reach out to a community organization. Just know that it takes a tremendous amount of courage whichever option you decide! I hope these items serve as a reminder that you are courageous, that you matter, and that you are strong!

I am a retired Operation Enduring Freedom /Operation Iraqi Freedom Army Veteran, that has faced numerous challenges just like many others. I understand the strength and courage it takes to combat and thrive after traumatic experiences. I am now in a place where I can move forward and continue to persevere. I've continued my passion for helping myself as well as others in advocacy and support for those affected by trauma by supporting Army service members and eligible family members as a Sexual Assault Response Coordinator.

I have a passion for volunteering and sharing community resources. Watch out for specific items that will be donated for various non-profits supporting sexual violence, military veterans, domestic violence, suicide prevention, and more!

DoD Safe Helpline - 877-995-5247
Veterans Crisis Line - 800-273-8255
Operation Enduing Warrior -

You Matter!!! - Kelly

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